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profetic revelations

RFID Micro Chipping In 2016 ♦ Is It Still Possible ♦ Illuminati NWO Agenda - Spanish Subs


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RFID Micro chipping in 2016 ♦ Is it still Possible ♦ Illuminati NWO Agenda - Spanish Subs Presented By ThehippieModerne
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RFID MICROCHIP IMPLANTS ARE HERE Era Of Widespread Biometric Identification

Along these lines, in the event that you don't acknowledge the badge(mark) you get denied a training there. It appears like in the not to inaccessible future (on the off chance that they can get a route with it) all state funded schools will have an obligatory Micro chips for the understudies!

Appears as though government funded School's strength be "Preparing" Students to Accept "The Mark of the book of Revelation?"

Is the RFID Chip making ready for the AntiChrist

The idea of desensitizing bodes well. That is by all accounts the best way to get the masses to willfully get the imprint.

Be that as it may, what happens on the off chance that we are all required to have get Chipped

What happens if a harsh government utilizes this innovation to watch, track, screen and control every one of us 24 hours a day with this innovation?

What happens in the event that you are not ready to land a position, have a financial balance or purchase anything without "legitimate distinguishing proof"?

Innovation is genuinely a twofold edged sword. It can benefit incredible, however it can likewise be utilized for extraordinary shrewdness.

Do you see yourself as to be a decent individual? The Bible pronounces, most men will broadcast their own decency. How about we check whether you qualify just like a decent individual. Have you ever told a falsehood? Have you ever stolen anything, regardless of its worth? Have you ever utilized God's name to revile? Jesus said, I let you know that any individual who takes a gander at a lady scurrilously has officially dedicated infidelity with her in his heart?

Have you ever taken a gander at somebody with desire? The Bible says that on the off chance that somebody detests someone else they are a killer (I John 3:15). Have you ever detested anybody? In the event that you have replied, Yes, to the past inquiries, then you have conceded that you are a liar, a criminal, a blasphemer, a miscreant and a killer and we've just taken a gander at 5 of the 10 Commandments. If God somehow managed to judge you by this standard would you be blameless or blameworthy? You know you are liable and meriting an unfathomable length of time in Hell.


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RFID Micro chipping in 2016 ♦ Is it still Possible ♦ Illuminati NWO Agenda - Spanish Subs Presented By ThehippieModerne

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