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profetic revelations

Identity Of 666 Confirmed!!! Vaccines, Nasal Sprays And RFID Bracelets!

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It's not the vaccine it's self which is the prophised mark... It's THE CHIPS IN THEM. . It's all about technology. It is how the antichist is able to control the world. Satan depends on technology for control...without the chip he can't have that control.

They (the nwo) have been preparing the world for his arrival...but they have to have it ready before he arrives . Look at all the cell/phone "towers" around everywhere. Also look at wi-fi and other wireless technologies, hdtv's mobile and cell phones etc.. all they need to do is get a chip inside us which will be able to receive singals.

This will allow for universal mind control and the elimination of free thought... From that point on they own your soul.

When you look at it this way it bcomes pretty clear how the antichrst is going to control the people. how else would he be able to do it?

Bottom line is he does it though technology.

please seek the lord there is not much time.

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