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Google will overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 if she decides to run, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange revealed.

The Internet giant already has a cozy relationship with the former Secretary of State due to its close ties with not only the State Department but also the Council of Foreign Relations, of which Clinton is a prominent member.

“It should be noted that the ties [of Google] with Hillary Clinton are especially strong,” Assange said according to Sputnik. “Many of those employed by Google have previously worked as her advisers or assistants.”

Google’s executives are also connected to Clinton through the CFR, a “global governance” think tank which can be best described as a “shadow government” due to its extensive “invitation only” membership of government and corporate leaders. Underscoring frustrations expressed by many about the two party monopoly in America, during an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley yesterday, George W. Bush responded to a question about his brother Jeb running against Hillary Clinton by referring to Hillary as his “sister in law”.

Hillary Clinton’s lead over potential 2016 Democratic rivals has shrunk considerably, a new poll finds.

According to the poll, from ABC News and the Washington Post, 61% of likely Democratic voters say they would vote for Clinton. This is down from last month’s lead of 63%, and January’s 73%. This latest poll was conducted earlier this month and released on Sunday.

Vice President Joe Biden is a distant second with 14% of the potential vote.

Mass. Senator Elizabeth Warren comes in third at 13%. The same survey last month found that she was only commanding 11% of the vote. In January, that number was only 9%. Warren has repeatedly denied that she is seeking a bid for president.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew the Obama White House’s Benghazi talking points BEFORE the White House even sent them around to administration officials.

Hillary Clinton used the administration’s exact talking point blaming the attack on a YouTube video before Obama’s White House speechwriter Ben Rhodes drafted it to prepare Susan Rice for Sunday morning talk shows days later.

As Rhodes prepares to leave the White House before he can be called to testify in front of Rep. Trey Gowdy’s select committee on the attack, a new timeline emerges that puts the video in Secretary Clinton’s hands.

We know now that Benghazi was an al-Qaeda attack, not just a spontaneous response to filmmaker Nakoula Nakoula Bassely’s obscure film “Innocence of Muslims.” If the 2016 presidential election was held today, Jeb Bush would square off against Hillary Clinton. Liberals are behind Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren but her anti-bankster rhetoric is too much for the political class. She comes in a distant second on the Democrat side. u.s. usa america "united states" bush clinton family election poll "jeb bush" "hillary clinton" clinton evil news republican democrat future gangster power control elite 2014 2015 politics polls states future humanity news media entertainment "rand paul" "ron paul" vote voting popular trendy trending leader leadership success radio "radio show" show history historic agenda "elite nwo agenda" "american dream" alex jones rant crazy gerald celente david icke problem reaction solution lindsey williams anonymous coast to coast am glenn beck demcad rawdogletard jsnip4 montegraph daboo77

It’s more of a mixed bag in the Republican column. Jeb Bush holds the lead, followed by Chris Christie, the governor of Maryland.

Unfortunately, the quasi-libertarian side of the party is showing poorly, if we can believe CNN’s numbers. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul grabbed a meager 6% while Ted Cruz came in dead last at 4%.

Unless something significant happens between now and November, 2016 two dynastic candidates will dominate the race.

Some Republicans insist there is no way Jeb Bush will capture the nomination. He’s too liberal on many issues. Previous contenders, however, including John McCain and Mitt Romney, were elevated by their party despite less than conservative records.

Clinton will also continue the economic policies destroying America. “As for reigning in Wall Street to prevent a future collapse, that’s not likely to happen under another Clinton presidency. Unlike Elizabeth Warren, the former first lady has strong ties to investment banks, making the likelihood of any CEOs serving jail time for potential illegal activity in 2008 a virtual impossibility.”

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