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profetic revelations


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Jesus Did IT! http://www.precious-testimonies.com/Exhortations/f-j/JesusDidIt.htm

Some people unfortunately can have such a distorted perception of Christianity these days and it is our desire to try to help people get focused on THIS supernatural reality: JESUS CHRIST TRANSFORMS LIVES. We do this by simply giving greater exposure to Christians testifying of how Jesus Christ has gloriously transformed THEM in various ways ... as they have chosen to place their trust in HIM.

Make no mistake -- none of the people on these Precious Testimonies TV Broadcasts are PERFECT. Yet the ONE they have chosen to place their trust in to have their sins forgiven and be cleansed from them so they are in right-standing with God IS perfect. That is core Christianity. 1 John 1:9 in the New Testament Bible assures them of such.

And everyone is eligible to have their sins forgiven and be cleansed from them so they can be in right-standing with God if they want. It makes no difference what they have done in the past or are doing currently. Jesus Christ will forgive them if they will only ask Him to.

No one has to "be good enough" to have their sins forgiven either - nor can one be so "bad" - thinking Jesus Christ could not nor would not want to forgive them. Jesus Christ has never searched out for those who are "good enough" nor "worthy enough" before they are qualified to have their sins forgiven. Who He IS looking for are people who are humble enough to admit that they are sinners against God and they desire a Savior who can and wants to forgive them of their sins and CLEANSE them from all unrighteousness so that they can have complete, 100% assurance that when they die, (complete assurance even NOW as WELL!) heaven will be their immediate destiny when they die where God dwells and His holy angels dwell and all the born again saints who have died dwells ... and NO evil dwells there like it does on this planet.

To view a listing of OTHER TV program tapes like this one produced by the non-denominational Precious Testimonies ministry: http://www.precious-testimonies.com/General/p-t/PreciousTestimoniesTapeNumbers.htm

We encourage born again Christians and ministries that videotape born again testimonies to put MORE video clips on the Internet of Christians testifying of being transformed by the power of Jesus Christ to not only publicly glorify Him, but to also give HOPE to others that Jesus Christ has unlimited power to come to the rescue of anyone who will sincerely call out to Him for help in their desperate situations, and are willing to let Him be both Savior and Lord of their lives.

Jesus Christ forces Himself on no one. He waits to be invited. He refuses to violate a person's free will.

On a different note - God strongly desires for these testimonies to get into the hands of prisoners. Would you seek the Lord to see if He wants to use YOU to help make that happen?

The TRUTH of the cross: http://www.precious-testimonies.com/Exhortations/a-e/WhyTheCross.htm

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